Sunday, March 26, 2017


 There is a movement in the contemporary church that is nothing new.  I remember being in a liberal church in the 1980s. They did much social gospel outreach. They fed and clothed people, and gave them shelter. They provided money. However the one thing that they did not provide was the Gospel. They never offended anyone.   They never challenged those sitting in the church. They never spoke of sin outside the church. Oh, they were friends with everyone,  and the church had good numbers. But no one was getting saved, and no one was coming  to know and love the Savior Jesus Christ. Oh, they heard about Jesus. Jesus is love, love, love.   Jesus would never offend anyone. Jesus would never say anything that might cause someone to see their sin for what it was. No! Jesus, well,  he's a nice guy who loves to meet the need of people, and would never speak of God being offended by their sin.
 Well, you have heard of fake news? This is a fake Jesus. Not the real Jesus at all, and not the Jesus of the Bible.  The Jesus of the Bible was not only hated by the "religious people" as is so often stated.  The demons hated Him as well.  And so did those who were making dishonest profit by fortune telling in the Book of Acts.  Also, the Roman soldiers who mocked Him,
 When those who proclaim themselves as Christians  want to love, love, love people into the church and the kingdom of God while not calling sin sin,  they are practicing toxic love. They are practicing deceitful love. It is a love that is distructive and it's cruel because it leaves the only  gospel that saves out of the conversation.  We want the approval of sinners while keeping God and His word in the closet!  When we love with this kind of love apart from the gospel then we are loving them to death, literally!
We live in a culture where good is called evil evil is called good. We live in a time where that which has always been unacceptable to God,  and will always be  unacceptable to God is just fine with those who call themselves God's people. Toxic love! Distructive love! Oh, let us love  with the grace and truth of the gospel of the crucified, reason, and returning Jesus Christ. Do not forget to proclaim that he is not coming as savior when he comes back,  but as  supreme judge. He already came as Savior, and he must be embraced now. Let us proclaim repentance and faith and rejoicing in the forgiveness that comes through the gospel of the son of God Jesus Christ and his death on the cross.