Saturday, April 19, 2008

Walking for your Marriage

I have a very full house. A small Bi-Level, four grandchildren, our divorced daughter, two dogs, and a very busy front door with lots of traffic from our congregation and friends. My wife cooks for eight every night. We have a single person who lives alone, and eats with us every night.

One daily challenge for my wife and I...talking with my wife alone, and laughing with her alone.

I have found a great way to spend time with my wife regularly.
I needed and wanted and longed with my I began to... walk with my wife! We now have forty minutes to talk, pray, work out an issue if necessary, laugh and act silly, make jokes, and if necessary, discuss some difficult issues. Walking is a great way to connect with each other. We used to drive around and talk with a cup of coffee, but walking is a whole lot less expensive, more healthy, and it's easier to focus on my wife rather than the road! We're both getting smaller! We're both enjoying each other more, and we may even get to live longer with each others as a result of good exercise!

Walk with your wife. It's great exercise for your marriage.


Johnathon Bowers said...

That's a really good idea, Tom. I really enjoy whenever my wife and I can go on walks together (which should be a lot more frequent than we do!). It seems like a really natural way to be able to talk about significant issues. Thank you for the encouragement!

donsands said...

May the Lord continue to bless your heart and home, and fill you with His joy for strength, so that you may keep on fighting the good fight of faith. Amen.

Nice thoughts on walking with your wife. Thanks for sharing.