Tuesday, May 20, 2008

God's Moral Truth speaks to us in movies!

Last night I watched Spider man 3 with my grandsons.

Here are a few scenes and thoughts from the movie that even the secular world recognizes as wrong behavior, all the while embracing this behavior in our own lives.

Spider man kisses another woman even though he is proposing to his girlfriend.
Spider man shows off at a parade for the sake of his own ego.
Spider man seeking revenge, not justice
Spider man seeing women as sex objects as he is walking down the street.

The movie's theme is that Spider man is overtaken by some "symbiotic" substance, and the nature of the substance is to (overtake those who will not resist it, but embrace it(The Darkness)

The whole idea of the movie is that Spiderman is overtaken by evil, and the fans of Spiderman, what do they want? A worldly Spider man that seeks to respond in a dark way, or the good Spider man that seeks to respond with fairness and justice?
Will he overcome the darkness? Will the darkness overcome and possess him?

The truth is that as a viewer, we kind of like Spider man in his dark suit, for it feels more natural, more like we would want to respond if we had that power!
We relate better to the Spider man who shows no mercy to his enemy.
Yet we also know that this is not the nature of the "red" Spider man. Hmmm...

Every movie plays off of good and evil. Some movies elevate evil and darkness and sin as desirable, while others show the battle between good and evil, building in the viewer a hope for good's victory over evil.

What's my point? Moral truth is written in the heart of every man. Our movies address these truths in the viewer, and either seek to entice their viewer to embrace and take pleasure in the evil, in movies where we identify with the villain, live out our fantasies with the adulterer,or the wealthy, or the vigilante.

On the other side of the coin we are torn emotionally by truth's pain as we identify with loss of loved ones, sad love stories, and sad endings.

We cannot avoid the truth. We can only deny it, suppress it, or embrace it. Truth will never go away. We are all accountable, and truth shall always have it's effect upon us, either to teach us, judge us, or bless us.

Jesus said "Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness rather than the light...".

Jesus said "I am the Light of the world".

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