Thursday, May 1, 2008

Putting Sin To Death

What have you put to death recently? Rather, what sin have you put to death recently?

Right now I am reading Mortification of Sin by John Owen. In this practical and convicting work Owen reminds us that we have a life long calling to "put sin to death" or it will put you to death.

One small note that I walked away with, and I will meditate on "assiduously" is this:
sin never desires to just flirt with an individual. The flirt is meant to seduce, the seducing is meant to allure, and the alluring is meant to give birth to adultery, immorality, greed, or whatever the nature of the sin is. Sin always has in mind the extreme maximum is permitted.
Owen writes that unbelief is aimed to bring about atheism, lust is meant to complete itself in immorality and so on.

Do you remember David and Bathsheba? David's first sin was not adultery! He stayed home at the time when kings go to war. He went up on the roof. He studied Bathsheba with his eyes, he committed adultery, then murder, and self deceiving. Only by God's grace was David redeemed through the prophet Nathan's message.

Keep this in mind. Sin seeks to have it's way with you, to do far more than make yo sick. Sin wants to destroy you, and as a result of crumbling you, to shake the faith of others as they watch you fall.


One final word, for now. We are saved by grace, not by our killing sin. Jesus is our righteousness! But we were saved from sin and it's destructive powers, in order that we would be a holy people! O God, make us to be a people that learn how to put to death whatever belongs to our earthly nature, by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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