Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Suggested Reading for all Pastors and Christians!

"Stop Dating the Church" by Joshua Harris is a must read.

I have been in ministry for fifteen years, ten as fulltime pastor of a local church. The weakest link in the local church is a lack of understanding, and thus, a lack of committment to the local church. Committment to the local church is not optional. The local church is God's means of working out his wonderful plan of creating and transforming, and saving His people.

This book(Stop Dating the Church) is a simple, powerful, concise, to the point message to all Christians.
What is the message? "Love the church. Jesus does. Be committed to the church. Jesus is." This will be a must read for all those who desire to be members in our local church. This book is faithful to God's word, and full of God's grace.
This book is available for discount prices in larger quantities through Sovereign Grace Ministries Bookstore. I'm telling you, you must read this book, pass them around to your congregation.

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May Leavenworth said...

I agree that this book is a must read for all Christians. It must not only be read, but savored, discussed and acted upon. I wish we could have our Sunday school discussion of it every Sunday instead of every other Sunday.