Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Are You Fishing Yet?

When I was in my pre teen years, I read all about fishing, all of the time!
Fishing Facts magazine was always in my hand. The magazine taught what, where, when, and how to catch freshwater fish. Cold weather fish, warm weather fish, deep water fish, shallow water fish, all were taught about in this magazine.
I bought special lures, spinners, spoons, plugs, worms, and whatever promised to land me the BIG GUY!
The best part was not reading about fishing however. I went fishing! I went fishing in lakes, in ponds, everywhere, but the BIG GUY knew how to avoid my line much better than I knew how to land him on it!
Even though the BIG GUY was better at the game than me, I still managed to catch a few decent sized fish over the years.

"Okay, so what's with the title?" "Are You Fishing Yet?"

Jesus spoke to two real and experienced fisherman, Simon , and his brother Andrew "Come, follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men. At once they left their nets and followed him." (Mark 1:17). They went fishing with the Master Fisherman.

We believers are the fishers of men that Jesus Christ has appointed.
At least we already know the nature of the manfish. He is in his nature what we were in our nature. We know what manfish likes,what he hates, what he is prone to feed on, where he hides, what he avoids, how he fights, how resistant he is, and how difficult he can be to land. We were the manfish! But even though we know this manfish even as we know ourselves, yet we cannot land the manfish that we know so well!
For we do not know which manfish are looking to be landed! Yet, unlike fish in lakes and rivers, there actually are manfish desperately looking to be pulled in. We do not know which manfish are searching the waters of their world, hoping to find exactly what we have on the end of our line. And even if we knew which manfish were ready for the taking, we must have the proper lure.
How shall we catch them? With God's lure, the gospel lure. The gospel is how they are caught! God rules over the heart of all manfish, and He alone draws out the manfish that will strike at our line as we cast out God's appointed lure, the gospel of grace. This gospel lure must be the real thing. And we will catch them, not with a baited and hidden hook, manipulating and snagging them, but with Jesus Christ. He is the Gospel! Yes, these God appointed menfish have a God given hunger for, and are in search of Jesus Christ. When they see Him, they are attracted to Him, even more so, He is irresistable to them. They hear of Jesus sacrificial, death defying, atoning love, His mercy, His kindness, His full forgiveness, His sure promises, and His altogether immeasurable unearned favor, yes, all of this, pointed toward them, all of Jesus Christ Himself, moving forward to embrace them. And here is the amazing truth about it all. Christ does this through us, His fishermen! These menfish are drawn to Christ through us. For we are Jesus Christ's representatives, and through us they see the character of Christ, and hear and embrace the beautiful good news of Christ, the gospel! Yes, they come and are joyfully caught in plenty.

Jesus said "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few." Can we not say with Jesus "The manfish ar plentiful, but the manfishers are few."?

Jesus told them "Come" and they left everything and followed Him, learning how to be manfishers! Are you fishing yet?


conncurl said...

Thank you for your recent blog, Tom! I found it very uplifting. In response to your final question, Are you fishing yet?" I want to respond with a joy-filled YES! I also hope that God agrees that I am, every Friday in the local nursing home where the fields are definitely 'white' for harvest. Yes, the workers a often few but each time we've prayed and asked Him to send more workers to continue fishing, they come. So do not be afraid to ask for help wherever God sends you to fish, my brothers and sisters. This past year the pond, to where Jesus sent us, has been filled with hungry fish. Many of these people have even expressed something like, We like it when you come because you don't just fee us, you teach us how to fish just like Jesus did. Yes, even in the nursing home there are people looking for Jesus and they need fishermen like you. Anyone else feel the call to follow Jesus into this particular field?
Thanks again, Tom. I'm hoping your blogs continue. Connie

John Roberts said...

Tom, keep up the good work. May God bless your effort in this enterprise.
Your Brother,