Thursday, December 30, 2010

Letting Down Our Nets For a Catch...

As we continue to look at Luke 5:1-11...

The writer tells us that the fishermen were "washing their nets". Interpretation? They were calling it quits. They were punching out their time card,calling it a day.
Have we washed out our nets, called it quits, punched out our time card, called it a day concerning our efforts to catch men for Christ? Tell the truth now. Are you expecting a great catch, or have you given up? This is where Christ steps in and orders the fishermen to let down the nets for a catch! Not when they were doing great, catching fish, but when they had given up! Yes, it seems that the perfect time to step in and do His amazing work is when man gives up trying on his own!

First, we hear the words of Christ "let down the nets for a catch", or "the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few", or "The Son of man came to seek and to save the lost", or "Go, therefore, making disciples...". Listen, this is our work, to let down the nets for a catch. Remember the woman at the well(John 4), after talking with Jesus? She ran into town, and threw out her fishing net!
How did she throw it out?
"Come, see a man who told me all that I ever did!"
Are we throwing our nets out like this?
You see, this woman was so excited about Who she met, that she could not keep her mouth shut! Here we see that fishing for men is the natural overflow of an affected heart. What happens when she throws her net out? When someone is excited about Jesus Christ, Who He is, what He has done for them, people are drawn. After the woman told them this "they went out of the town and were coming to him(Jesus)".
Sometimes we Christians expect the fish to jump into our boat, even while the boat is at the shoreline. We expect the town to come running while we are saying nothing at all. The only way for the lost to know that God is interested in "catching" them is if we are interested in catching them. Unfortunately, too often we Christians don't want to get our hands all fishy! I have gone fishing with some who are hoping they don't catch anything, because if they do then they'll have to touch it to release it from their pole! But we must not forget that we were that smelly, yucky, slimy fish that Christ caught and made his own. Let us consider one more thought. What kind of net are we? What do our nets look like to the world around us? Are they overwhelming, tangled and confusing? Are they harsh and fearsome? Or are these nets at least presented as the Great News from God to man?

I am blabbing this blog to myself here...,

Be encouraged to open up your mouth wherever you find yourself this week, and let down your net for a catch!

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