Wednesday, December 30, 2015

America and the Americans and the world's greatest problem and greatest need.

What is America's greatest problem? Not the economy, certainly not Global Warming, not a lack of gun control, and not terrorism. Read the posts of far too many and you will see that their hopes, dreams, and resolutions are to live in La la land. The goal of life for too many is purely comfort, with an easy street address. Their greatest hope is a good health plan, more vacations, greener grass, an undisturbed pension plan, and a good hair day.

In other words...Most people are intoxicated with the trivialities of life.
Dr. John Piper often speaks about the fact that with all the hours of media news, "God is not even mentioned."
And when He is spoken of by most it is in cursing Him, or belittling Him by hoping for some magical formula of reposting some stupid religious picture, you will get a blessing. This what is called silly religion.
Created by God for His glory, yet we truly ignore God Who has given us all that we have, and exchange what should be thoughts about His greatness, and the Way of Salvation, and the hope that He offers us, exchanged for trinkets, and an imaginary view of God that makes us comfortable in our spiritual mess. "If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then Will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. My hearers, God is not benign, absent, powerless, or non existent. God is the great Reality, apart from which their is no meaning to anything at at all. What is America's greatest problem by far? She is God-less. And she is made up of people who are God-less.
Oh, there are many who practice religion. But "doing religion" is not the same as seeking And knowing God. I know this, and have practiced both. I have had some great enjoyments in this world, from good food, and great vacations, and even a wonderful And greatly treasured wife and family. I have practiced religion, trying to do the right things to earn God's favor. I have also thought, said, and done things of which I am ashamed, guilty as charged.
Knowing God is different than practicing religion. You see, God has made Himself known in order that we may know Him. God took on humanity, flesh and blood, to make Himself known to man. We can read all about Him in the Bible, the Gospel of John is a good place to start. Knowing God comes through learning about, and knowing Jesus Christ.
He is God Incarnate.

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