Monday, January 11, 2016

Empty Religious tag lines...

This morning on the way to work, a number of celebrities, as well as "talking heads" were giving brief comments on the death of David Bowie. Preceding their comments on Bowie were comments on other news matters, and their comments were foul, perverted, disgusting, and explicit and vulgar. What was so obvious was the way their speech went from filthy gutter talk to "May he rest in peace, and God bless Him." Now the thing here is not what they said, but actually thinking that some God talk, or rest in peace talk would have any meaning or place in the presence of a holy God. On the Golden Globes, or Emmys..."Thank God" and "God Bless" only invoke God s wrath, not blessing.
Blessing and cursing from the same source, with no conviction of offense against God is a very dangerous, an eternally dangerous place to be.

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