Friday, January 8, 2016

Jesus is the Almighty Word of God

Yesterday's blog reminded us of the absolute certainty of God's word. He speaks, and it is so. "Let there be light" God said, and Whamo! Light shone out of darkness. Genesis continues with God speaking and Through His powerful word God creates! In this way He created all things that are created. Keep this in mind. God says something, and it comes to pass, always. You will notice this throughout the whole Old Testament. One example that comes to mind is the story of Jonah, when he is swallowed up by the large fish. God commands the fish, and the fish vomits Jonah out upon dry land. Another example is earlier on when God promises Abram a son with Sarai. She laughs, Abraham sleeps with Hagar, trying to fulfill
GOD'S promise! Hey, take note of this. God doesn't need us to figure out how to fulfill His word. Sarai bore a son even in her old age!
Now let us look briefly at Jesus. I'm not going to load up all the verses here. Here are a few of His commands.
"Be quiet and come out of him" we're Jesus words. The evil spirit came out. "Be clean!" Jesus said to the leper. Boom! He was clean. "Pick up your mat and walk" Jesus said. The paralytic stood up and walked.
"Peace, be still!". And the violent wind ceased as the terrified disciples clung to the boat.
When Jesus spoke, He spoke with power, for Jesus is God! Every word He spoke is the word of God and has all power, and shall come to pass. Keep this in mind O beloved of Jesus who look to Him alone for salvation, forgiveness, hope of everlasting life, peace with God. He has spoken. "Lazarus, come forth," and the dead man lived again! Worship Christ today as He is The Almighty God.

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