Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Bible Stories are "Incredible"...unless...

As a child we are told about Santa coming down the chimney, and we believe what we are told.
Then, as we grow a little older we realize that Santa will definitely not fit down our chimney, and that reindeer don't fly. What has happened to us? We take in information, and we make judgements based on that information.

The Bible is the #1 best selling book of all time, though it is read far less than it is purchased.
However, if you happen to read the stories, they are "incredible". Incredible means That something is so extraordinary, so impossible according to our reason, that it cannot really be believed. And if what we read cannot be backed by our reason or experience, it just cannot be so.

Jesus turns water into wine. Jesus heals a crippled man. Jesus gives sight to a blind man. Jesus speaks to the wind and waves, and the wind and waves obey him. Jesus raises a man after he was already dead for a few days. Jesus walks on water, And as a climax, Jesus then raises himself from the dead, which he promised to do beforehand.
and so on.
Now when many read this, it is dismissed as unbelievable. Why? Because we know that men can't change water into wine instantly. We know that men don't raise other men from the dead. If this were possible, there would be no funeral parlors. And we quickly dismiss all these stories as implausible, ridiculous, in-credible.

Unless...this Jesus was a man, yes, but more than a man. Contrary to what our educational system may teach us, and contrary to what the media may portray and mock as nonsense, 9 out of 10 people in the United States claim to believe in God. But most who do claim to acknowledge a power greater than themselves, refuse to believe in the gospels.

Why? Why is it so crazy to believe that, if God exists, and that He is the Creator, that God would not reach out to us and reveal Himself as God? Well, He has. Jesus is the name of the One Who is God, Who clothed Himself in frail humanity, and did extraordinary miracles to reveal His glory as the God-man. He is God, and He has proven Himself to be so. He has all authority in heaven and on earth.

The best part? He came to proclaim Good News!
He came to teach us, to show us God, and to live a perfect life, die on behalf of all who would place their faith in him, and conquer death, in order to destroy our fear of death. He came to offer eternal life to all who would look to Him to save them.

Incredible? Not for God.

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