Thursday, April 3, 2008

Everyday Opportunities

I get my coffee at the same place everyday. On the weekends Mohammed is there.

Recently he was sick, and missed work. When he came back I told him that I hoped he was feeling better. Then he asked me if I was getting coffee, and I said "No, actually I just came by to see if you're doing any better." He was shocked, and greatly comforted that I stopped by not for myself, but out of concern for him.

He then said that he had no family in the States. He said that back in Egypt everyone stops by to see how sick people are doing, but here in the U.S. he was sick for a week with no freinds or family to bring him a meal, or to run to the pharmacy, or to just talk.

There are opportunities everywhere to show God's kindness and compassion.
Who knows? The Lord may surprise us and allow us to share where the true Source of this love is from...Christ Himself. "We love because He first loved us."

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