Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sitting under Heroes

Two more weeks til T4G.

I find myself inreasing with anticipation, excitement, restlessness.

I've been to many conferences with great speakers. Yet I find myself in the same state of excitement each time.

Why? As a pastor with weekly preaching responsibilities, it's great to sit and receive for three days from God's anointed.

And to be surrounded by others who know the sweet bankruptcy of spirit, yet at the same time the riches of our inheritance in Christ. Wanting my congregation to taste, savor, and worship God, well, it just doesn't occur as broadly or deeply as I would desire.

When I come together with a few thousand men and get away for a short while, it is truly refreshing, and my soul is encouraged.

As a small church pastor(for now)it is good to be surrounded by a good number of saints singing God's praises, hearing with enthusiasm, sharing with great interest the things we are receiving.

My prayer is to bring my oldest grandson in 2010. See you in Kentucky, the good Lord willing.

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