Monday, May 5, 2008

"Big Brother (Elder) is Watching You?"

Some friends we spoke with recently began attending a P.C.A. church(a fine denomination I might add).

Our friends shared with their church that they had watched American Idol. Oh my!
Immediately, the leadership ordered a meeting with them to discuss this "sin".

Brothers, I am not a TV buff. I personally prefer to read edifying books. But I am not going to judge my brother because he is watching some show on TV. Our Lord says that we will be judged with the measure that we judge others. Let us be careful how we deal with such matters.
A dinner together, a discussion perhaps on what made the show such a big hit, perhaps a conversation on how, or whether a Christian can watch the show to the glory of God, etc..., or better yet, a discussion with a number of healthy pastors to weigh the importance or unimportance of the issue.

Discipline over American Idol? Imagine if we disciplined over music, television, movies, books magazines, and such, that are...okay, shallow, empty perhaps.

How we handle such matters as leaders reflects our understanding of the great grace of the Gospel of Christ.

I am sure that there are BIGGER SIN PROBLEMS IN THE CHURCH THAN WATCHING AMERICAN IDOL! (Pride, arrogance, legalism, materialism, lukewarmness, lust, GOSSIP, finish the list.

We do not want a worldly church, but we do not want a harsh, legalistic, and graceless church either. None of these glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

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