Friday, May 2, 2008

Which PDA Do I Buy with Bible on it?

Okay, I'm no geek, not even close!

Which Pda do I buy? Does it come with the ESV on it? If not, then which software should I get?

I told you that I'm not a geek, not even close! Help me. My family wants to buy me a pda/bible package. Duh, what should I tell them?


Andrew Randazzo said...

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Anonymous said...

hello BoB brother -- in NY even!
Let me offer brief advice on the pda question--- I have used PALM Tungsten E and now an E2 with pleasure. The NIV study Bible module loads easily and is a mighty powerful little program, but (alas) no ESV in my version. And now (with my MAC laptop) I cannot reload the software on to my pda (which I had to reset) since the software cd runs only on PC's. bottom line: I loved having the powerufl bible study info on my palm. Hope this helps. djb