Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Worship matters!

Do you worship? Yes, you do worship. Whether you are an atheist, a Muslim, a Christian, a scientist, you do worship. Worship is the expression of the soul toward that which it loves, finds happiness in. Whatever it is that gets most of your attention, time, and service, is your god.
Now the One true God has said in the Bible that He alone is worthy of your worship, yet Christians are often like the Israelites in the Old testament; they fear God, but practice idolatry.
We worship what our hearts are longing after, running after, expending all energy after.

Who or what do you worship?

Do you enjoy meeting with God in His Word, in prayer, in corporate gatherings? Or do you get more joy out of reading books, buying new flat screens, ipods, pda's, etc...?

Here's a hint...read Bob Kauflin's book, Worship Matters.

Worship includes knowing God's word, singing, practicing our skills on instruments, serving others as we serve God. But we can do all of these and not worship God, and too often that is exactly what we are doing; everything but worshipping God.
An excellent and enjoyable read. Every worship pastor must read this book. MUST!

A brief word on the singing aspect of worship, by the author...

"It's a source of profound encouragement to realize that God gave us music to deepen and develop our relationship with Him. The Father sings, the Son sings, the Spirit sings...

How can we keep from singing?" (pg. 99)

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Kel said...

ooo, nice! I started reading the book, but got busy. I'll pick it up again!

Kelly Kuvakas
Pastor's Wife and Worshiper