Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Sure Mark of a Disciple!

What is one identifying mark of a disciple of Jesus Christ that is unmistakeable and obvious to all who see it? Love? Generosity? Joy? Knowledge? Passion? Compassion? Patience? Yes, but in addition to these...

The church in the west is filled with folks who may be identified with the above list of characteristics. But we may be lacking something else that, unless addressed, we will not grow as disciples, that is, followers of Jesus Christ.
THE QUESTION TO ASK OURSELVES IS THIS: "AM I TEACHABLE?" When I was growing up as a young man my father would tell me quite often "no one can teach you anything. You already know it all." I would get defensive, I really did think that I knew it all, and I wouldn't learn. This has caused much unpleasant hardships in my life.

Are you teachable? Or do you know it all already? In today's world the Christian has access to all kinds of information and instruction on the radio, picks up enough knowledge to be confused, and then thinks that they've got all the knowledge they need. Speaking with many pastors, they wrestle with having unteachable folks in their congregation and on their staff. Yet the greatest mark of discipleship is humility. When we recognize that we have much to learn, and know far less than we think we know, then we are really beginning to learn. "The man who thinks that he knows something does not yet know as he ought to know." (1 Corinthians 8:2)


May Leavenworth said...

Right on, Pastor Tom! Boy, did I need this reminder!

Alex de Sherbinin said...

Thanks Pastor Tom. A good word!