Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why men have no room for the existence of God...(random...miscellanies)

Let's start our thinking process with these words from John Piper, for these words charge that man is the cause of his own disbelief.
"If our disapproval of God's existence is strong enough, then our sensory faculties and our rational faculties will not be able to infer that He is there."
(John Piper "Think")"

Is this true? Does our disapproval of God's existence blind us from the very reality of His existence? In other words, does our prejudice against our having to submit to God, like Him or not, kick into gear a "refusal to believe" that TRUTH which we do not want to face? Human beings respond to God much like a child who covers his eyes when he sees something scary. "I'll cover my eyes, and then I do not have to accept that reality. Now IT is not there anymore." Of course, the child can cover his eyes all he wants, the scary picture, or dog, or dinosaur IS STILL THERE!

If GOD IS, then ALL MEN must answer to Him. This means that one should acknowledge, should seek the truth, no matter what the cost, for if GOD IS, then surely GOD IS TRUTH.

Now here is the dilemma. WWhat if the individual does not like the TRUTH? What if what he or she learns as truth conflicts with one's own ideas, or one's own way of thinking about life and how it should be lived? John Piper writes "We love man centered error more than Christ exalting truth, and our rational powers are taken captive to serve this adulterous love."

This is the dilemma of all mankind. God is. God created all things. God created man. Man must answer to his Creator. Man does not like His Creator AS HE IS.

What can man do in such a predicament? Well, he either twists truth, creates his own false view of God, and embraces a lie, claims ignorance(though ignorance is not bliss), or he embraces the TRUTH, the very reason for which man was made.

Man loves truth when he feels that it benefits his situation. "Justice!" he cries.
Man hates truth when he feels that it hurts his situation. "What about everybody else?" He cries. "Give me a break!" He pleads.

The Bible says that "men suppress the truth of God for a lie,... and worship and serve created things rather than their Creator..."(Romans 1:18)
What is the "created thing that they worship? Their own lies. Rather than say they disapprove of God, they imagine God to be who He is not. They refuse to accept and embrace Who He(GOD) is. The Man's rational faculties are then no longer capable of inferring, receiving, or embracing the TRUTH. The world, and the Bible call this "depraved".

Are you one who desires truth, even if it means that your whole world will be shaken?
You see, God, Who is Truth, interferes with our corrupt view of life. Our opinions must bend the knee to GOD, WHO IS TRUTH.
Marriage, money, work, sex, relationships, all must be in accord with God, Who is Truth.
Are you one who covers your eyes TO THE TRUTH, as that child sitting on the rug in his living room, covers his eyes from what confronts him?
Only the Truth shall set you free. Jesus said "I AM THE TRUTH". Seek Him...

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