Monday, September 5, 2011

We All Scream for the Supernatural!

In the movie "Taken" starring Liam Neeson, the main character is the father rescuing his daughter from horrible evildoers that have kidnapped his daughter to be traded as a sex slave. In a nutshell, the father, with just a handgun, and good old hand to hand combat, wipes out five guys at a time, then a bunch that are waiting for him, only surpassed by his single handedly wiping out the top guys behind the whole mess. Neeson then drives backwards in a high speed chase, followed by somehow getting onto a prince's yacht loaded with armed security, and his kidnapped daughter. He takes them all on, and wipes them all out, rescuing his daughter. Awesome! Yes! I loved this movie. But if the movie were about a team of fifty men helping to rescue her, it would certainly have been less thrilling and enjoyable. We are all mesmerized, and taken up with a hero. We all crave to see the one man conquer the enemy single handed.
But why? Why is this so much a part of what we want to see? I believe the answer is simple. As C.S. Lewis put it "We were born for another world", a supernatural world. We are fragile, weak, helpless, and our mortality just won't satisfy who we are, and what we were made for. Great news for all, especially those who will listen. Jesus Christ is real.Unlike our make believe heroes in the movies, Christ is the Supreme and one of a kind, unique Hero of the ages. He is far greater than any super hero or main character in any movie. He has conquered what we all fear, namely death! He is truly supernatural, all powerful,and undefeated! Oh, the thrill of what awaits us when our King returns to wipe out the enemy and all who oppose God. We will indeed, who look to Christ Jesus alone for salvation, be amazed, and blown away by meeting the One Who stands alone in His supremacy. Jesus! He stilled the waves with a word, raised the dead with a word, fed the multitudes with a loaf, and redeemed all those who look to Him alone with His death. Jesus is real. Jesus is for real.

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