Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What stops the power of the gospel?

Where were you when you first heard the good news?

I was in a locker room in The bulk mail center in Jersey City.
I went to work like any other day. I began my shift at 7pm. I came home ten hours later a new man forever!

What happened that evening that changed my life forever?

A coworker asked me to go to a bible study. I went. I really can't say that I gave any thought to it. I just went. I heard God's word taught from the Bible, and how Jesus loved me and paid for all my sin and sins. I was told how He defeated death forever, and that those who trust in Christ would live forever.

So then, what stops the gospel in it's tracks?

Only one thing stops gospel power - Christians afraid to open their mouths. It is keeping quiet about how we were forgiven by Christ. Keep silent, and the gospel is powerless.

For how can they believe unless they hear The Gospel?

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