Saturday, January 30, 2016

Words are a Catalyst

Words can hurt, words can heal. Words can tear down, and words can build up. Words can destroy what once had hope. Words can reenergize what once had no hope. Weigh your words.

Often, it is the words that hurt, spoken in love, that bring healing, that are the first bricks of building up.
Always "speak the truth in love", or don't speak them at all. Truth and love are to be constant companions, and where one is found, there must be the other also. "Let everything you do be done in love."

Consider the word of God. "For God's word is living, and active, and sharper than any double edged sword...."

Weigh your words. Wield your words for truth and for love's sake. God will honor these words for His glory.

Go and speak, and make a difference!

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