Friday, January 29, 2016

Handling Conflict

Keep your eyes and ears open today. You will find that conflict is a part of life.
Conflict causes division, marriages end in divorce, friendships are ruined, and families don't talk to one another.

What is the problem that is causing division? It does not take long to see the real culprit, for the culprit lies within all of us. We all think that everyone must agree with us, or that we are right. If we do not agree, then we are either angry, hurt, or in denial that a rift exists.

Unfortunately, most people choose to talk about the other person involved rather than with the person involved.

Keeping this blog brief, here is some biblical counsel.
1. Recognize that you have your own flaws, and need the Savior Jesus ("For all have sinned...")
2. Make the choice to love those with whom you disagree. ("Love your neighbor as yourself")
3. Discuss sensitive topics in a way that honors God, filled with grace and truth. (Glorify God!)
4. Accept disagreement without making a harsh judgement. (Bless those who may curse you.)

Dialogue is a gift that God has granted to man. It does not always end in a perfect agreement. That's okay.
Keep the door opened.

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