Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Do you feel at home in the world?

Do you feel at home in the world?

This idiom means "to feel safe, relaxed, in good company, in accord with the environment around you".  Another way of stating this is "A sense of belonging and harmony with the world around you.", or "Having a sense of being in common with the world".

So, are you at home in the world in which you live?
Are you one who believes that the world around you is improving, or progressing toward the common goal of true goodness?

How we perceive the world around us is determined by what is called our worldview.
When two,ten, two hundred, or two million people have a similar worldview, they almost always end up on the same side of any given topic or issue.  Our perceptors are developed while we are almost entirely unaware of it.    Another word for worldview is "vision".
One's vision of what the world should be determines how we perceive the world.

Need to read that again?  Go ahead and review what you just read.

If we are at home in the world, it is because our worldview or vision has been developed by our world.   Family, educational system, teachers, the media, religion, and personal experience all play a role in our vision's development.  This is how cultures are formed, and why they think in similar fashion...

Do you feel like a stranger, or an alien in the world?

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