Monday, February 8, 2016

In a Better Place? Or in Any Place At all?

I have been to a lot of memorial services, and have had some heavy, and candid conversation those who attended.  Many were family members of the deceased.  When the loved one was alive, these family members spoke of their unbelief in God, heaven, hell, and especially Jesus as the Savior.
They frowned upon any religious talk.  Yet, when the loved one departs,  these same family members respond with  "He is in a better place.  "She is at peace."    "He doesn't have any more pain."  "She is way better off now."   When someone asks these folks why they say these things, and where do they get such confidence,  they answer "I just know".   They have no reason,  no reason, just some hunch.
It doesn't have to be this way.  Paul wrote  "I KNOW Whom I have believed."

I once spoke to a Jewish man that believes  that the dead live on only as a memory.  He was very clear in that he did not have room for faith in living eternally as Christians believe.  I asked him if he had any children.  He said that he had two daughters.  I asked them if he wanted to love his daughters for another five years.  He looked at me with a puzzled expression.  Again I asked "Do you want to love them for another 20, maybe 30, or 40 years.  His expression went from puzzled to very downcast.
Finally, I asked him how many years would be enough for him to love his daughters.
He answered me that there would never be enough years, that he wanted to love his daughters forever, even though he does not believe in "forever".  What a sad and difficult reality for humanity.  Refusing to seek God in Christ, our only  sure hope of eternity, they settle for a few years on this earth, unable to satisfy their eternal longings, their expressions of what love demands.

They refuse to love the greatest news that man has ever been given, and hold fast to their faith in their own man made beliefs, and then they die hopeless!
Jesus Christ proved Himself to be the Almighty God.  He loved the worst of sinners so much that he died for sinners to give them everlasting life.  He rose from the dead, conquering death, and filling all who would call upon His name alone,  FORGIVENESS OF SIN AND  EVERLASTING LIFE!
Jesus said "He who believes in Me WILL NEVER DIE!"

Seek Him.  Learn about Him.  Read about Him in the Gospel of John.

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