Sunday, February 7, 2016

"Who are you to tell me that something is right or wrong?"

"Who are you to tell me that something is right or wrong?"
This one question is shot at Christians who speak about what is right in the eyes of God.
It is the right question to ask.
Of course, the Christian believes that absolute truth is in the Bible, and that God has spoken.  However, this carries no weight for those who do not believe the authority of the Bible, or absolute truth.

What about asking the question to those who do not believe that God has spoken.
"Who are you to tell me that something is right or wrong? What is the basis for your argument?"
Then listen-- listen to their reasoning.  Don't get confused between civil law and moral law.

Listen to what they are defending, whether it is a woman's right to choose, gun control, sexual preference, or any other topic.   Apart from a person having confidence that they have some source of absolute truth, they really have no argument at all.
The only source of authority that they listen to is their own heart, their own opinion formed by their own judgements.

Here is the the whole matter.
Anyone who looks to themselves  as a basis of what is right or wrong must allow the same for everyone else.  This is called subjective truth.  The conclusion here is that no one is right and no one is wrong, except in the heart of each individual.  This way of thinking has determined that truth is what one's own heart decides.
And if each man decides what truth is in his own heart, then all who believe this --

As soon as an individual manifests anger at another, they are really affirming that there is right and wrong, and they have made a judgement that the one who has angered them is GUILTY.

Do you ever get angry with anyone, yet claim no authrity for judgement other than your own heart?
That is an irrational argument.  Yet all men everywhere experience anger.
Why is this?  Because all men everywhere really do believe that there is absolute truth, but refuse to yield to it, and thus form their own twisted form of it, and the result is a messed up, corrupt, and depraved world.

Jesus said. "I AM THE TRUTH."  Jesus said to the Father "Your word is truth."

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