Friday, February 12, 2016

Living a fruitful, not a wasted life...

I want to blog today about living our lives, not wasting our lives.
A wasted life is like having a car with a tank full of gas, letting the car engine run in the driveway until it stalls out,  then filling up the tank, starting the engine,  letting the engine run until it is empty of gas again, repeating the process over and over and over, until finally, the car won't start anymore.
That was a wasted automobile that served no purpose except to burn fuel and accomplish nothing.

No human being is created to sit in life's driveway accomplishing nothing, just wasting their God given resources, existing until they just run out of gas.   A little secret for you---
 I am preaching to myself  here, but feel free to eavesdrop.

We were designed for much more, and yet most people settle for so much less than their God given purpose and potential.  We would rather avoid failing than risk failing, and so we just--well--sit in the driveway.  In the driveway of life we.are safe from difficulties, most opposition, challenges, failures, and defeat.  But in the driveway of life we are definitely NOT ON THE ROAD OF LIFE, WHERE SUCCESS, ACHIEVEMENT,  AND A SATISFYING LIFE ARE TO BE FOUND!

Tell me one great person who accomplished anything of value, that did not struggle, and experience opposition, setbacks, discouragement, and defeat.  I cannot think of one.

Listen,  and let this sink in.  
1. We were "made in the image and likeness of God",  and this means great potential, to impact our family, our church, and our world.
2.  We were created for God's glory.  This is why we were made in His image--to reflect to one another, and to God, His moral excellence, His creativity, His love,  His mercy, His fierce loyalty to all that is good, And yes, His justice as well.   In one sentence, God designed us to be living expressions of the goodness of God, and to praise His name with our lips, and with our lives.
For, when you were born again through the gift of faith,  in the finished work of Christ on the cross, your chains of sin, guilt, despair, and defeat, of inferiority and insecurity, of hopelessness and a damned life--these chains have been broken and removed by the power of Christ!
Jesus Christ died on our behalf, and rose from the dead on our behalf, in order that we might live, live, live!  And we have been given new life, that we might show ourselves to be more than conquerors through Him Who loved us, and shall love us forever!

Confession time...and yes, you can still listen in...
Father, sometimes we get tired, sidetracked, preoccupied, or duped by the devil into a life of just sitting in the driveway.  We don't say it, but we show that we have given up!  We speak of a great Savior, but live as though Our Savior Jesus is powerless.  
Forgive us, O Christ Jesus, Who is our Savior, Friend, Lord, and Conqueror over all things, and especially those things that are fashioned against us!
Help us Lord, to get out of the driveway of life, put on the armor of God, and go live, even seeking challenges, facing trials, and achieving the purposes that we were created for.
Rekindle within us a flame, a passion to live for Your glory, to fight for what is right, to proclaim the only gospel that will save man from sin, death, and judgement---the gospel of the crucified, risen, and returning Jesus Christ.  Amen

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