Monday, March 14, 2016

Limited Vision

We only get a glimpse for now...
I thought I saw colors as they really are, until I had cataract surgery this morning.
The blues  are bluer, greens greener, and the all the colors are much more vivid.

You see, the years of pollutants and buildup on my original lens distorted and dulled my vision for what actually is!  As believers, we see God in this way, yes even after we have been born again.
The Scriptures tell us that for now we see..."dimly".  Paul prays for us all that the eyes of our heart be enlightened.  In this life our spiritual visual clarity is limited.  Our sin, our life's experiences, our need for more of the Holy Spirit's enlightenment, are necessary until He takes us home.  We do not see Jesus, or His glory, in a full way.  All that is made known to us about the Father, though wonderful and perfect in His word, is hindered by our cloudy spiritual lenses.
However, little by little the fogginess is taken away.   And just imagine!  One day we will see clearly, without any such cloudiness or fog, the Lord God our Savior in all of His Splendor!
When we do finally get to see Divine Beauty and Glory, As He really,  indeed we will fall down on our knees and worship, rejoice, sing, dance, and be overcome with His amazing radiance, and joy!

Maranatha!  Come Lord Jesus!

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